‘Awakening Your Spirit’ Spirituality Study Group
with Kathleen Kiley

Tap into your inner self to receive guidance and advice on the things that matter most. Sessions include guided meditations to unite your inner and outer self, dream interpretation, reflection and discussion.

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Sheryl Marinone, APRN

Together we will improve your health and well being












I take the time to truly listen to your health concerns. By giving personalized care and developing a treatment plan that's all encompassing and conducive to your lifestyle, needs and belief systems, you, the patient, become a partner in your own health care. I use the most advanced concepts in testing and treatment to provide the highest quality health care. Ultimately, with my passion to share knowledge and improve your awareness and inner peace, together we will improve your health and well-being.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is a health care provider with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN), who obtained further study, in an advanced Masters of Science (MS) degree. While nurse practitioners provide the same quality of care as doctors, the philosophy of nurse practitioners is to focus on prevention, wellness and education to help you achieve total health and prevent disease. We look at the body as a whole unit and take into consideration external factors that may upset the balance that predispose the body to disease. We use patient history along with physical exams to diagnose problems then prescribe medication or education, possibly involving lifestyle changes to treat illness.

Each state determines what term to use to identify the nurse practitioner. In Connecticut the term is APRN-advanced practice registered nurse. This is an umbrella term for the different specialties. FNP-family nurse practitioner, ANP-adult nurse practitioner, WHNP-women's health nurse practitioner, PNP-pediatric nurse practitioner and NNP-neonatal nurse practitioner.

Whatever the title, a nurse practitioner is dedicated to providing the best in total health care to her patients.

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